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Poster Title:

Service based identification of physiological system in desktop grid.


Tomáš Kulhánek (1,2) , Jan Šilar (1), Jiří Kofránek (1), Marek Mateják (1), Pavol Privitzer (1), Martin Tribula (1)


1 - Laboratory of Biocybernetics and Computer Aided Teaching, Institute of Pathological Physiology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, 2- CESNET z.s.p.o.

Poster abstract:

Acausal modeling of human physiology gives an option to select which parameters are unknown and which are known - measurable or estimatable. Given that it's possible to estimate a behavior of an parameter based on selected other parameters. Compared to real measurement on real patients it's possible to validate physiological models and identify physiological system. This is, however, time consuming task which can be divided and distributed to computation nodes.

To integrate a specific computation task with a generic grid system, researcher must use either a proprietary or moreless standardized API or a framework. However this still needs that a computation application needs access the API directly. This can cause vendor-lock issue in future development if an API won't be available for a desired technology.

We show a system which joins a numerical algorithms of human physiology models implemented in MATLAB and .NET with a desktop grid system BOINC which is C++ based system. To prevent vendor-lock issue the web service layer provides a SOAP interface between numerical algorithm and BOINC system.

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