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Physiolibrary in Modelica (current)


Marek Mateják, Tomáš Kulhánek, Jan Šilar, Pavol Privitzer, Filip Ježek, Jiří Kofránek: Physiolibrary -Modelica library for Physiology, Conference Proceeding, 10th International Modelica Conference 2014

Marek Mateják: Physiology in Modelica, MEFANET Journal 2014; 2(1); ISSN:1805-9171. Available at WWW: http://mj.mefanet.cz/mj-03140307

Marek Mateják: Physiolibrary - fyziológia v Modelice, Medsoft 2014, March 26, 2014, ISSN:1803-8115, ISBN:978-80-86742-38-0, pg.165-172


1st price, Modelica Free Library Award 2014, 10th International Modelica Conference 2014

Matlab Physiolibrary

Physiology blockset library for Matlab/Simulink (now even for R2008a) is being developed at The Laboratory of Biocybernetics and Computer Aided Teaching is part of the Institute of Pathophysiology of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. It contains models and simulators of various physiological processes of human body.

It serves as a mathematical background for user-friendly interfaced applications.


  • Distribution package is available for download at laboratory pages (~ 1.2 MB).

Physiolibrary Components

Physiolibrary consists of:

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