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Design of components

This document should provide guidelines for designing colaborative components of the system. The required quality for all the component implementation are:

  1. loose coupling - separate component/class functionality to independent elements.
  2. interface for classes - where there is a minimal chance that a component-class will be used by more than one other component-class, define also the appropriate interface
  3. class will not aggregate dependend instances - leave creating and managing depended classes to framework and define „setter“ method for framework, who can give an instance of depended class.
  4. do one job and do the best

The components should colaborate using a Spring framework or .NET Spring framework. Because main classes would be probably developed or compiled into C# or other .NET, .NET Springframework should be used as basic framework for managing the application objects and tasks.


http://www.springframework.net/ - framework which joins independent classes and instance creation and aggregation via framework configured in XML. It allows the technique of Dependency Injection and follows a common approach of Aspect Oriented Programming.

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