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Analysis of grid system

There are several middleware for grid computing. We will use open source or „academic“ middleware with access to source code knowledge and manual complicated configuration.

gLite is a middleware developed and used mainly by scientific community. Robust and complicated infrastructure.

Globus_Toolkit is a middleware developed by Globus Alliance, some of the services and components are shared with gLite development. Used by scientific comunity mainly in US.

BOINC is a middleware able to form desktop grid system, client computation task are executed on a desktop computer (notebook) e.g. as a screenshot or background job.

The BOINC server acts as a distributor of jobs (tasks) and collects results from clients to compute wide range results. The BOINC client acts actively, it asks server for a job (task) if he has available resources (free CPU) and downloads the job. The client can also obtain new version of computing algorithm if available so it is updated.

BOINC howto

Prepare and test pilot BOINC server and fake BOINC client application is


Our first version of computing system should use the BOINC system. The future development may include to port/integrate computing services into gLite or globus services able to be executed in academic supercomputing centres (METACENTRUM).


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