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ModelicaNet based on Modelica.NET

Nature is beautiful,
and even more beautiful when understood.

We are all connected by Creative Connections.

Project Goals

This project is driven by the two magnificent visions. Our research is in progress, we are searching for another language of Nature to understand it more and more. The language, discovered for now, is Modelica. We want creatively communicate in Modelica language about the beauty of Nature.

  • a short-term goal is to develop a compiler of Modelica models for the .NET platform based on the OpenModelica compiler
  • in conjuction to the first goal, a long-term goal is to develop a wiki-like client/server system based on the .NET technology to allow rich web based collaboration on Modelica models development. Our working code name of the system is ModelicaNet (or ModelicaLab).
  • there is much more to come here

Project State

Our latest more detailed project analysis can be found in technology_of_med.doc

For more project details see ModelicaNet roadmap

Contact Us

Contact us for more information or source code.

Pavol Privitzer
Petr Stodulka
Jiri Kofranek

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