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First Aid Game - Simple physiological simulator

For detailed information about educational simulators based on physiology models see:

Simulink / Flash version

This was the first version of the application as presented at the Eurosim 2007 coonference in Ljubljana. However the combination of Simulink and Adobe Flash becomes obsolete (see our recent papers).

The application doesn't need Matlab installed on the target computer. The only prerequisities are .NET Framework 2.0 or higher and Flash Player plugin installed in Internet Explorer (for the animations to display properly as ActiveX components). For browsing the statechart use the statecharts editor.

The application can be run from http://physiome.cz/atlas/sim/FirstAidSimulator/.

The complete source code including the Flash animations, Simulink model and Statecharts source can be downloaded here (zip, 1.5 MB)

Modelica / WPF XBAP version

This simulator was created using different technologies. The simulink model was replaced by its Modelica equivalent and the animation is no longer Flash. We've converted the original Flash animation into XAML using The Converted. The conversion was surprisingly accurate. The only issue was to identify and separate individual phases of the animation. The application runs in a web browser as an XBAP application. To run the application go here: http://patf-biokyb.lf1.cuni.cz:800/FirstAidGameWPF/FirstAidGameWPF.xbap. The only prerequisity of the simulator is .NET Framework 3.5.

The complete source code including the Modelica model and XAML animations can be downloaded here (zip, 300 KB)

Multimedia Educational Document

We go even further in developing educational applications. We can produce an electronic text document with embedded images, animations, multimedia content and even live simulators. The text supports rich formatting and may contain mathematical equations. Since the M.E.D. is an XBAP application it runs in a web browser and provides possibilities such as testing students with abcd tests, communication with a database and even using simulators for testing purposes.

The source code will be available soon. FIXME

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